Today’s mobile phones allow access using our personal fingerprint or facial recognition. They respond to our movement, our touch and our voices. They even allow users to create online superficial personalities which often influence others opinion of us. The list of how we are interconnected with this technology has become so long and complex that they are no longer just a telecommunication device or computer, but an extension of our physical being. It has been proposed by Professor Vernor Vinge that by the year 2030, the technology would be advancing at a rate beyond our control, even if all the world’s governments were “in deadly fear of the threat”.

Created during the first COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, Pocket-Dial explores the hypothetical point in time where technology becomes irreversibly fused with humans. By examining the history of telecommunication and future possibilities, we can begin to comprehend the fragile similarities within the technology and human relationship.

*Archive imagery courtesy of BT Heritage Archives

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